Thursday, 28 June 2012


After winning the European Grand Prix in Valencia, Fernando Alonso slowed down his Ferrari to collect, from an exuberant marshal, a Spanish flag to wave as he completed his lap of honour. 

 Flags and sporting victories, these things matter. 

Here in Barcelona we know that very well. Those who seek independence for Catalunya display Catalan flags from their balconies and make a flambouyant display of supporting Barcelona football club. Spanish unionists generally  tend to keep quiet.

Recently something interesting has been happening: Spanish flags have started appearing around Barcelona.

The Spanish national team is having a successful run in the European ball kicking championships, and while some Catalans still adopt the ABS (anyone but Spain) position, others have discovered their inner Spaniard. “Span is not all bad” while Spanish unionists have become more emboldened enough to show their colours.

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